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Greenway Fire Solution has been established as fire safety industries to ensure complete fire safety services and provide best possible services. Our customer is our first priority so we provide free on time delivery to the plant and industries.

We have grown out of the need of ensuring safety and professional guidance to the public for safer and proper usage of all fire and industrial equipment.

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we provide affordable, high-quality fire safety products to protect your business or residence place with high class quality.


We also provides training to your employees to ensure that they are able to carry out their tasks safely and without risks.

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Our team is highly experienced and committed towards their job responsibility. On time delivery is our USP.

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Your equipment will be fitted with the highest quality products. Each one comes with a guarantee.

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Fire Hydrant System

Fire hydrant installation consists of a system of pip work connected directly to the water supply main to provide water to each and every hydrant outlet and is intended to provide water for the firemen to fight a fire. The water is discharged into the fire engine form which it is then pumped and sprayed over fire.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Fire Protection System is one of the most reliable and efficient Fire Fighting System having very less maintenance cost. The advantage of this system is that itself detects and extinguishes fire. It’s used in factories and large commercial buildings, systems for homes and small buildings are now available at a cost-effective price.

Automatic Fire Suppression systems

Automatic fire suppression systems control and extinguish fires without human intervention. Fully automatic fire suppression systems take away the need to depend on a person to discover and tackle a fire. Within seconds of a fire occurring, the detection system detects the radiant heat from the fire, automatically actuates the system and delivers the extinguishing agents straight into the heart of the fire.

Fire Detection & Alarm systems

Automatic Fire detection and alarm system is primarily a life safety system meant for detecting the fire at the early stages and alarm the occupants. The fire detection system are also used for automatic activation of fire extinguishing systems such as spray systems, water mist systems and gas suppression systems.

FM 200 Flooding Systems

FM200 fire suppression is also known as HFC227ea. FM200 is a waterless fire protection system, it is discharged into the risk within 10 seconds and suppresses the fire immediately. FM200 fire suppression systems are commonly used in DATA Centers, COMM’s Rooms, Telecommunication facilities, UPS Rooms, Medical facilities.

Training Programs & Audits

Fire safety matters no matter what your occupation is. It could literally be the difference between life and death. With proper training workers can eliminate fire hazards and respond quickly and efficiently if a fire breaks out. Without proper training a small occurrence can quickly grow to become a major incident with devastating outcomes.

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