Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

We offer wide range of consultancy services in the field of fire safety and fire protection engineering these includes General fire engineering, fire survey audits Design and consultancy of fire protection systems as per NBC, NPFA and other relevant standards

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Automatic fire suppression systems control and extinguish fires without human intervention. Fully automatic fire suppression systems take away the need to depend on a person to discover and tackle a fire. Within seconds of a fire occurring, the detection system detects the radiant heat from the fire, automatically actuates the system and delivers the extinguishing agents straight into the heart of the fire.

System configuration :
1.Fire sense tube for detection.
2.Fire extinguisher cylinder with automatic valve assemble.
3.Clean agent fire fighting gas.
4.Control panel.
5.Audio alarm.
6.Pressure switch.

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